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Professional fishing device for electrofishing - 400 Euro
Electrofisher producer from Poland
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Professional fishing device for electrofishing
No messing around with fiddly wiring and Passwords getting in the way. This is one of the most advanced easy to use waterproof (floats) electrofishers in its class but costs much less than any other similar models in the world and is much smaller than other electrofishers. It is also absolutely safe (electric shock protection) and lightweight (portable) and gives a chance to conduct electrofishing in any conditions. The best safe easy to use on the market for catching fish with electricity for the price. Produced in EU.

The fundamental differences between our device and competitors similar devices. First, the output voltage is 30% greater in SUM. Idling is 1200V with battery fully charged. SUM output power is about twice times greater. The SUM device is airtight. There is no outside metal heat sinks and do not need to be careful not to touch somewhere. In our competitors unit touching the heat sink to the battery immediately caused the damage. In our device, there is no activation code. Immediately after connecting it is ready for operation. The apparatus is much easier to use. Using two knobs to set the output power and operating frequency. In other units voltage regulation is a fiddly two-staged operation. Our device has smooth adjustment of voltage and output power. You can adjust these parameters live, even while fishing. The SUM device have as live power control. Fishing effect in both cases is the same. In the SUM device there isn’t an auto power reduction modes, based on interviews with fishermen we found that they are not used in practice and only cause problems with the operation of the machine. The SUM device has also got a service mode. It allows current supervision of the fishing.

Electrofisher SUM for 400 Euro (including shipping costs / tracking number + insurance)

1) Latest high power Electro fishing unit, produced in EU easy to use and waterproof (even floats)
2) All cables and wires
3) Manual with DVD movie
4) 1 year manufacturer's warranty on the unit
(warranty can be extended to five years, ten years or lifetime)

Technical features:
- Input voltage 12 VDC
- Output voltage 50V-1200V with stabilization (peak)
- Output power 15000W (peak)
- Output current 128 A (peak)
- Output frequency 2-100 Hz in 1 Hz step
- Radius of fishing 5-7m
- Catfish mode up to 50m
- Depth of fishing to 2m
- Overcurrent protection
- Overvoltage protection
- Electrofisher automatically is switched off when fall in to a water
- Catfish option
- Soft start function
- No passwords
- Battery saver function
- Automatic battery tester
- Thermal protection
- Battery sulfation detector
- Spark testing protection

We produce and ship electrofishers from Poland.

We don't supply landing net as it can be easily bought cheap locally or you can make any unit electrically resistant and it just adds to the shipping costs. The same refers to the battery which we use. It can be a simple car battery 12 Volt. There is no sense to send by expensive courier accessories which can be bought in fishing shop and 12 Volt battery is available everywhere.
In case of interest in electrofishing from your side please do not hesitate to call.
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The Electrofisher was checked by a infrared camera.

Scientists use electrofishing to survey fishes and monitor the size of populations and determine the species in a community. Whether using a boat or a backpack electroshocker, the basic principle involves generating an electrical field in the water to stun fish. When fish are stunned, they often times float near the surface of the water and can be removed from the electrical field.
How Do Fish Get Stunned ?
When a fish swims into a weak electrical field, it may not be affected at all. There is a threshold of electrical charge that must be emitted into the water in order to affect the fish. When the electrical charge in the water is sufficient to allow transport of the charge across the nerve cells in the body, then the fish's muscles will undergo involuntary contraction. The contractions will lead to increased exercise of the muscle and a build-up of lactate in the blood stream. This process is very similar to what happens to the muscles of a runner or a swimmer who exerts a lot of exercise. The runner or swimmer may eventually get a cramp in the muscle and cannot move it effectively. When the fish cramps up, it floats to the surface and can be removed from the electrical field. The process to stun a fish is usually 5 - 10 seconds. Once the fish is removed from the electric field they will live well with good aerated water. The aeration and cool temperatures are essential in the live well because the fish has an oxygen debt that needs to be paid. Like a runner or swimmer, the lactate in the blood stream and cramping must be treated with rest and good oxygen supply. This device works only in fresh water.
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So far, we have shipped equipment to Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, United States, Singapore, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, France, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece.

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